About us


Sunshine Coast Kids was created, to make life easier for familes who live on Sunshine Coast and even those who visit this beautiful part of Queensland.  

Are you constantly looking for things to keep the kids occupied? Us too! We were also spending hours on google, looking for family friendly restaurants, events, outdoor activities, sports and dance classes, daycare, schools and the list goes on.  Before we knew it, we had mountains of information at our finger tips and Sunshine Coast Kids was born.  

It has been an exciting journey getting Sunshine Coast Kids up and running.  We are constantly out on the road visiting local places and businesses to bring you the best of what the Sunny Coast has to offer. We have met some amazing people along the way and can not wait to have everything documented all in one location, being our website. 

We hope you stick around as we become your one stop guide to exploring the Sunshine Coast with kids of all ages.  


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Sunshine Coast Kids