Caloundra Lighthouses

Caloundra Lighthouses
  • 8/10 Canberra Terrace, Kings Beach 4551, QLD, Australia
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We had the privilege of a guided tour, through both new and old lighthouses and enjoying a 360 degree view of Caloundra and it’s surrounds.

The new lighthouse was surprisingly easy for the kids to reach the top, you will see a picture of the stairs showing the widest part of the step is next to the wall with the rail. It is easier to go up than it is coming down. It’s best when going to down to have an adult go first to guide the kids.

Once at the top of the lighthouse you can enjoy the view from inside if you don’t feel comfortable walking on the gallery.

The old lighthouse is much more challenging and was my favourite but not the kids fav. It was a bit scary for them but they were brave and went half way up.
To get to the first level and then the top, you have to climb wooden ladder like staircases. Once you reach the top you climb through a door out into the open. You need to be careful as at the top as there are only 2 handrails for security. Children will need to be strictly supervised.

If you don’t feel comfortable climbing the old lighthouse I still recommend taking a look inside.

We will put the history of the lighthouses on our website if you’d like to learn more.

Open days are still up in the air at the moment due to restrictions however, you can book a guided tour by calling Roger 0403 107 654. Roger is one of the volunteers, he was wonderful with the kids in sharing his knowledge of the lighthouses and the area in a way that they could understand.

Entry fee - $5 per adult or min $40.

Location - 8/10 Canberra Terrace, Kings Beach, QLD, 4551

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